Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nursery Reveal....4 months late and some news!

Hi, friends!  I really dropped the ball on the twins nursery post, considering it was finished back in May....
Well, here we are in mid-October and I have finally found a few minutes (gasp!) to copy and past these photos into a post.  (Mind you, as I type, Ward is putting stickers all over me and Thomas the Train is providing some nice background ambience...Thomas, you are failing me in the distraction department, FAILING ME!) 
Anyways, no time for flowery well-thought-out words.  Oh, wait. Babies crying. Hold on.

Now I'll attempt typing with a baby on my lap.  This is fun, right?

I knew when we found out we were having two more boys that I wanted the nursery to be bright, cheerful, and colorful.  I've seen many beautiful nurseries on pinterest with chic, expensive Oeuf cribs, and perfectly stenciled ceilings, and albeit stunning, I ain't got time (or money) for that.  I also wanted simple, easy, and affordable.  We cleared out our empty junk room guestroom and went to work.

Here's the before.  

My favorite thing was that awesome brass boob fixture. Trey really wanted it to stay. I'm serious.  He thought it was fine. But then I reminded him of the importance of a fan in a babies room and he was kind enough to oblige...   

And Here's the after:

I wanted to reuse as much from Ward's nursery as possible.  We did purchase two new Jenny Lind cribs as Ward's crib was discontinued and I couldn't find a second to match.  I never thought I would buy ebony cribs, but I love how they pick up on the color in the moroccan shag rug. (My biggest splurge, but I got the rug for 70% off!)

As I mentioned in previous posts, the ombre dresser was a craigslist find revamp and the paper plane mobiles and cloud art were both easy DIY projects.  I bought the giclee above the dresser from Etsy shop Kiki & Polly. I just love the image of the 3 boys (if only they had blond hair!).  The little mountain peaks were also an Etsy find, from Kinderboothen.

And the mobiles hang above map-printed sheets (such a good deal!)

Here's the before shot of the opposite wall:

And after:

You may have noticed that the Sharon Montrose twin bear photo is framed differently in these photos.  That's because it fell off the wall and broke between days of me taking photos!  

The sleeping fox pillow from Urban outfitters was in Ward's nursery previously and the G and B blocks were a sweet gift from friends that have their birth date information engraved.  The floor lamp behind Ward's old glider was a DIY lamp from an old column.

The bird painting was something I made previously for Ward's room, the two-seater bicycle is a small DIY sketch and the Amersand art is also a DIY printable.  The small squiggle drawing was one I received from work years ago.

This 1st Samuel print was also an Etsy find....I guess it's a theme here.  I actually MADE the polka dot & gray drapes in my giant pregnancy state.  The fabric I had picked up originally for Ward's nursery (a steal for $7/yd!), two years ago and never got around to using it until now.  

There you have it!  Here are a few more photos from our newborn session a couple months ago :)

Ahhh...finally it feels good to get this post done.  Especially because in the next couple days I have to PACK UP this room.  Why's that?  WE ARE MOVING!  AGAIN!  I've officially lost my mind.  More on that later...!