Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Nursery Bird Mobile

Note:  I had written the majority of this post a VERY long time ago, but never got to hang the mobile until we moved in with our inlaws.  So here is the published version, late but better than never!

Now that Ward is approaching 18 months old, I'm finding myself already thinking about redecorating his nursery into a big-boy room.  

But before I get into that, I never got to posting about one of my diy nursery projects....

I was originally going to buy a nursery mobile off Etsy, but figured I could save some $ if I made it myself.  I knew I wanted to have the mobile be bird-themed.  I just googled "nursery bird mobile" and found a great mobile example and template for sewing fabric birds here.  

I got some fabric scraps and started sewing.  First I tried to use my sewing machine...big mistake.  There were too many corners and I ended up sewing the birds face just did it by hand and stuffed them with some leftover batting I had lying around.  I am no seamstress, these are definitely rough...but once they were stuffed they started to look okay!  

Then I went outside and found some twigs.  Trey cut off the rough edges and sized them down with his miter saw.

I broke out the modge podge to seal the wood so it wouldn't chip over Ward in his crib. 

It goes on white, but dries clear.  One mistake I made was letting it dry on the paper towels.  The paper towel definitely stuck to parts of the twigs and I had to spend some time meticulously picking it off.   

Then I figured out where I wanted the birds to go, and tied them to the branches.  The tricky part is then using fishing line to suspend the twigs from one another, the weight had to be balanced.  Just used trial and error until it was all in balance.

These photos were taken back when we were staying with our inlaws, not much has changed in his room now, except he is 3x bigger!

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