Monday, October 7, 2013

DIY Painted Chalkboard Pumpkin

Even though it's only officially been fall for a couple weeks, I feel like I'm at least month behind everyone else when it comes to Pinterest.  Since this summer, I've seen lots of pins having to do with pumpkin recipes, pumpkin decor, and all things fall-ish...(you know who you are early pinners).

Well, now it's early October and the only reason I have completed a fall craft is because I volunteered to paint a pumpkin for Ward's preschool fundraiser.  Each class donates a decorated pumpkin for an auction at their fall festival next weekend.

I went to Michael's and bought one of their pumpkins (on sale 50% off).  Although I love fall, orange has to be one of my least favorite colors....maybe it's because I went to UGA and almost every opponent has orange in their uniform??  Anyways, I wanted the pumpkin to be white and gold, not orange.  (Didn't take a before picture, whoops!)

I had heard good things about Design Masters gold spray paints, so thought I would give it a try.  I used the color "gold medal".  After taping off the stem, I sprayed the entire pumpkin.  

Then, using painters tape, I cut 30-45 degree cuts in the tape and applied to the pumpkin.  This by far took up most of the time.  Here is a shot of the first couple of lines with the tape.

Once all the tape was secured in place, I went back over the pumpkin with Rustoleum white matte spray paint.  I highly recommend using a white matte spray paint instead of a gloss because in the end it really makes the bright gold paint stick out...almost giving it a gold leaf stamped effect.  After I removed all the tape, here is what it looked like:

I would have been fine with leaving the pumpkin with the overall pattern if it was for me, but I felt I needed a little something extra since it was for Ward's school auction.  I painted an oval in chalkboard paint on the front of the pumpkin and then using chalkboard pens (if you haven't tried them, they are amazing!) wrote "trick or treat" on top.

Here is the final result!

The cool thing is, whoever ends up taking it home can write whatever message they wish, so the pumpkin can last through Thanksgiving and not just for Halloween.

Now I just wish I had made an extra for myself....

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I absolutely love this! I am going with a black, white and gold theme for fall this year and this would be perfect! Love the pattern.

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

    1. Thank you so much Erin! I think I'm going to make another for myself this weekend :)

  2. Wow...cutting all of those little angles must have been tedious! It looks really good!!!! (But now it's Tech colors! Still better than orange, though, I agree!)

    1. Lol! Brooke, you are right, it is Tech colors now! Oh well, still better than orange :)

  3. i loved it at every step! looks great . . .


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