Friday, May 4, 2012

Amateur Baby Photo Shoot

Greetings all.  We've been having fun playing with the new camera (Canon Rebel T2i) was a Christmas present from Trey's parents.  I am such a beginner and still trying to figure out which settings to use when....any suggestions on online tutorials for DSLR beginners will be greatly appreciated!

Not that these are professional in any way, but for what it's worth I think some of these turned out pretty darn cute.  Here are some of our favorite pics of Ward if you'd like to see...

When someone saw this one below,  there was a debate on who's hands they were.  Obviously not Trey's due to the rings....come on people. ha.
Oh and another looks like Ward only has four toes on the right foot.  I swear he really has five :)

This next one cracks me up.  It is very obvious that we are new parents and can't put a diaper on right....he's such a peanut here!

We debated on using a traditional photo of sleeping Ward for the birth announcement, but when we saw this one, we just knew we had to go with it!

Love that little smile.  Definitely needed the fast shutter speed to capture this one.  
We're looking forward to having more baby photo shoots in the future!  Hopefully my camera skills will start to improve...

Enjoy your weekend!

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