Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Custom Farm Table

The first real piece of furniture we bought after moving into our house was a dining table.  However, I can be very picky when it comes to buying furniture. My taste tends to run on the expensive side, but our budget does not.  I knew I wanted something large with a slab top.  Yes, a slab top. From a giant redwood.  Just kidding.

Love this one from Broadbent Furniture

Or this from BBDW:


And of course the tables from Hudson Furniture are beautiful:

However, these are a little too crazy expensive for our tiny budget and bungalow.  Not to mention the bases are gorgeous, but a little too commercial design for me.  After scouring the internet for farm tables, I still didn't want to spend $2000+ at crate and barrel, pottery barn or restoration hardware.  Not to mention thousands more for a true designer piece.  I'm waaaay too cheap for that.

Soo..I went to craigslist, my go-to cheap furniture finder (as I've already mentioned, this will probably be a reoccurring theme!)  I thought about naming this blog "Sh*t I find on craigslist"...but decided against it.  

Anyways, I didn't find an actual table on Craigs, but I found a guy who could make one. I sent him these images with dimensions and about 4 weeks later, this is what he delivered to our house:

Of course he couldn't build the table with an actual slab top like those shown above- that alone would cost a fortune!  Instead, he assembled the planks together and cut along the natural edge to give it an irregular, live-edge feel.

We were very happy with the results!  The table is 8 ft. long and actually came with two 24" extensions, so it can get up to 12 ft long!  The length is ridiculous, I know.  But one day when we host Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner I'll never have to pull up a card table to make room for everyone. ;)

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