Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ode to the Bird

Meet Birdie.  

She's our husky mix.  75% husky, 25% boykin spaniel to be exact.  Yes, we are those people who bought her a DNA kit for Christmas.  Birdie is the sweetest dog, but she like most huskies gets into a lot of mischief.  For example, her new adventures include fence hopping.  You see, she will jump over our fence (even when she has a dog friend to play with) and proceed to hop over the neighbors fence to go play with their dogs.  Isn't that so independent of her?

I digress.  Anyways, before Ward was born Birdie was our only child and she was treated as such.  One day we were at Scott's Antiques and I saw these little cast iron statues.  Yes, I believe it's supposed to be a german shepard, but it reminded me of Birdie so I had to buy it...I think it was 5 bucks.  

I took it home and spray painted it white like the bird.  She supervised.

Now it lives front and center on our mantle so she is still represented in our house, even though she has been demoted in the favorite child rank.    Poor thing is finally coming to terms with having a baby brother...

All in all, it was a super cheap way to add a personal touch to the mantle in addition to the traditional framed photos. :)

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